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Why international trade?
Why international trade?

Because it is an area of professional expertise that:

  • Has a major projection in the current historical conjuncture of our country because the productive sectors linked to the world market though exports and imports are fundamental in terms of economic recovery and future economic expansion.
  • Opens the possibility of a quick and well paid insertion in the labor market.
Professional Qualifications
  • Knowledge of basic international trade operations deals and contracts.
  • Management of import/export and introduction/dispatchment processes.
  • Organization of storage processes and implementation of strategies for the international distribution of goods.
  • Financial management of international trade operations.
Professional Profile
  • Capacity to design, organize, manage and finance, in accordance with previously established rules, objectives and procedures, international trade processes based on buying, selling, storing, dispatching and distributing different types of merchandise.
For whom is this course intended?
  • For creative and entrepreneurial people provided with language skills and capable of adapting to teamwork and changing environments, that are interested in knowing and establishing working relationships with different countries and cultures through their participation in international business operations, strategies and ventures.