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Why study international trade at Virolai?
Why study international trade at Virolai?
Because we offer a high quality education linked to the world of international business through:

A teaching faculty with expertise in:

  • International Law
  • International trade and financial systems
  • International transportation
An educational program that gives its emphasis on international trade with emergent economies such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, includes
  • Introduction to Chinese
  • Advanced courses in English (Initial support shall be given to those students whose command of the English tongue proves to be insufficient after an opening examination)
  • Courses in Commercial French and German
  • Preparation for international language certification exams
  • Training in Asian Culture and Protocol
  • Participation in programs of academic exchange and trade fairs
Participation in workshops and clinics coordinated by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce under the academic supervision of VIROLAI. This chapter includes:
  • 400 hours of practice in Spanish companies during the first academic course
  • 400 hours of practice in companies of emergent economies during the second academic course
  • Trade practices in other European countries
Search for job opportunities in companies of different economic sectors
Workshops aimed at promoting personal development of specific aptitudes and interests through tutoring and coaching. This area includes:
  • Development of communicative skills
  • Development of a sound entrepreneurial spirit through the strengthening of personal autonomy and initiative
  • Development of proactive capacities and creativity
  • Development of teamwork abilities
  • Development of adaptive capacities to changing business situations and environments