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Professional alternatives
Professional alternatives
Active search for job opportunities in:
  • Governmental departments of trade and industry.
  • Foreign and International business departments in private and official banks.
  • Private companies operating in the field of international trade, commercial agencies, shipping agencies, customs departments, consulting firms, etc.

The full program consists of 2000 hours distributed along in two academic courses that include

  • International Marketing (150 hours)
  • International Negotiation (120 hours)
  • International Trade Management (180 hours)
  • Storage of International Goods (90 hours)
  • International Transportation of Merchandise (130 hours)
  • International Financing (130 hours)
  • International Means of Payment (90 hours)
  • General Computer Applications (120 hours)
  • Main Foreign Language for International Trade -English (180 hours)
  • Second Foreign Language for International Trade –Chinese (180 hours)
  • Labor Formation and Career Advisor Service (60 hours)
  • Formation at the Workplace (350 hours)
  • Synthesis (90 hours)

Higher Degree Formative Cycles Within the General Field of Trade

  • Superior Technician in International Trade
  • Superior Technician in Commercial Management and Marketing
  • Superior Technician in Consumer Services
  • Superior Technician in Transportation Management